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Creation in flux: stepping in & out

To introduce Sto5i into the Cypriot creative scene, an artists’ Open Call was launched to assemble a team of Cypriot or Cyprus-based artists to make up the body of the shows to be curated in Paphos and Limassol, and as a start to create connections between the two cities‘ creative scenes.

We selected artists from diverse backgrounds as we ask ourselves and them; how are biological, cultural, genetic, and linguistic diversity categorized and conserved, and what can one field learn from another?

As the project unfolds in real-life contexts with our events this Summer, Sto5i’s agenda will expand and solidify.  As more people join us, Sto5i’s activities will become fluid and continuous. The conversation on Cypriot ethnocultural identity will guide the Collective’s actions and potential cultural and social links will be created between the Turkish-Cypriot, the Greek-Cypriot, the Cypriot diaspora and all the migrant populations that make up the people of Cyprus.

Featured Artists


In a composition of 15 different pieces and collections of various forms, we sought the elements in each of the creative individuals behind the art, which contributes to a definition of the contemporary meaning of Cypriot identity & heritage.

Have a look at their responses:

How does your Cypriot heritage influence your practice?

How is identity explored or expressed through your work?

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Culture Through Its People, 2021

Information available here.

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