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Culture Through Its People           2021

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About STO5I

STO5I is a community interest collective committed to furthering the development of the media arts in Cyprus. Our practice aims to mend the gap between up-and-coming artists and the local scene while providing creative spaces on the island for artists to meet, communicate and create together.


We look at it as a long-term commitment to finding more creatives like us that might or might not be struggling to put themselves out in the Cypriot scene and potentially create a community of co-creating friends.  We are interested in inspiring more of a conversation between art/curator, writer/reader, and exhibition/artwork.


Good luck is never granted so we try to help each other’s practice as much as we can, combining our individual skills to create great work.

The STO5I Team

STO5I is made of three people - Eleni Mavros, Salomi Abdou and Spyros Socratous. This collective started off as a chill collaboration between us, as we would get together every summer in Cyprus and realized that we had a lot of common needs as artists due to the good ideas we’d come up with and our creative discussions over beers, at the beach, after a night out, and randomly whenever there was a chance.


Our first attempt to flesh out this idea was in summer 2021, where even with limited sources we managed to put together a small exhibition in Paphos and organized a private view which was a successful chance for emerging creatives to connect and discuss professional and identity struggles as artists. Following this experience, we decided that these struggles could be facilitate the creation of a strong community.

Spyros Socratous

Spyros is the musical mastermind of our team and when he’s not brewing up jokes, he handles event managing and honours a curational role for the collective and our events and publications.  He is a bassist and arranger currently based in between the Hague and Paphos. We are all about his personal projects and sounds, as they tend to draw influence from within various cultures. His appreciation for all artforms as well as passion for collaborations with other artists and his innovative ideas helped bring STO5I to life.

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Salomi is the brain behind the design of STO5I Collective and she is a Brighton & Paphos - based multidisciplinary artist, designer and curator. Her works take anthropological and ethnographical interests in contemporary social structures and her practice research explores the physical, virtual and spiritual worlds.  Unless she’s telling on someone for using Photoshop the wrong way, she will be about to answer any questions about STO5I Collective and their future Events/ Publications as well as any concerns about privacy and accessibility for users of our website and visitors of our events.

More info about her work here.

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Eleni Mavros Serra

Eleni is almost the mom of the project and the force that made us realise that our plans can be a reality that won’t only help us but also other creatives. She is a visual artist. creative, and tattoo artist based between Barcelona and Paphos. When she’s not on the STO5I video chat speaking to herself while the rest of us hear a low-battery robot, she explores subjects such as decolonization, identity and gender roles in her personal work. From her background in fine arts and illustration to curating exhibitions, her passion for collaborative projects and sense of community is apparent.  In her curatorial practice in STO5I her focus is on cultural heritage and identity politics in the media arts.

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